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Most of you may be knowing that dating a guarded women is not so easy and more than that to be in a Long distance relationship is again like crossing a single threaded bridge . Imagine when one enters into this combination like dating a guarded girl that too in a LDR. Oh god that’s gonna sweat his head than he could ever imagine .

The chance of breakup in this kind of relationship is really high in this .

Guarded girl is a term used to call women who seem to be more confident , independent but they are “personally closed box individuals “. Not cynical but mostly realistic but scared of being unsafe . Love and a guarded women are not like romeo & juliet .They hardly fell in love but doesn’t mean they would never .

She will hardly give a man a space in her life but if she does that then it means that she is madly in love with him .

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How someone becomes a guarded personality ?

It is not a sudden change or never a hereditary trait in a person. Deepest hurts of past makes people guarded personality. And to those who think that the deepest hurt could only be a ruined past relationship etc , i would like to correct you because different situations can be the reason behind ones deep hurt feels of past . Say loss of a loved one or failure in life like lost ambitions or aims , gone through worse emotional situations , anything it would be .

So her recovery generally makes her to be a strong than what they were in the past.

If you think you are dating a Guarded Women in a long distance relationship kindly know what you feel on her emotions will be wrong .

Here before beginning let me clear something between cheating girlfriends vs guarded girlfriend in a online long distance relationship .This is a ridiculous thing that raise question on most good relationship even. Haven’t met in person but in a long distance relationship , reduced calls or hardly calls , no skype .

Point 1 – If she is a online flirting or making time pass with you then be sure that she will not be calling you always but you will get her calls or go for a video call .This is unfortunately common sign in a guarded women also . So to find out the thin line between two – check out her identity whether she is really the person whom she portrays her character is to be.

Point 2 – A timepass girl is not going to be emotionally attached to you nor going to mean you so much .

Point 3 – Guarded women surely would give you her positive words and assurance to compensate what she steps back now .

One question guys who love a guarded women and in LDR is that why haven’t you felt this love on those who meet face to face and know much more ?

And if your girl is someone who is personally depended like a family pampered personal life and educationally or professionally independent . For her taking into both parts is important . She priors both the family and you alike . From her guarded nature she would have done many thing that she never did before to give you more space in her life . But everything would  have been a sneak peak at the possible ways .Now there comes your desperate question of meeting or Skype talks . Somewhere you get convinced but never fully then think from her angle that doesn’t she really have a wish or desire to meet you or talk to you long hours . Of course even she will have than she could show it to you. Guys no girl is going to dream of a first meeting with her lover in a sneaky online video where she could barely control her fearful face that hides her love for you in face. Why do

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