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Well some of you who launched to read this may have fairly an idea about super fetch in windows. Due to some reasons most of you would be looking out for how to enable or Disable Superfetch for Windows . If yes, then this is exclusively written to assist you. First of all for some of the non tech people let me introduce this term elaborately. Those who know please skip to next subheading don’t mind my lecture.

What is super fetch ?

Well superfetch technology is part of Window OS right from its vista version. It’s not a big deal to say that superfetch technology is one of the parts in windows memory manager.

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Why Superfetch – Enable superfetch for windows

Know what ? You should Enable Superfetch for Windows for particular reasons like these we gonna discuss .

Basically Superfetch has two aims firstly it reduce boot time and secondly to makes sure that the applications that you use the most loads fast and more efficiently. Superfetch adapts your usage patterns.

Let’s elaborate the first goal that is decreasing boot times. All through the Windows boot process, the same files need to be access at various different period of time. Superfetch also track record on which data along with files need to be accessed and when. It also stores all the track record data inside a trace file. During following boot, this information is used and helps to make the loading data/files faster and well-organized.

Superfetch performs more tasks to make the boot process more efficient. It also helps to increase the access speed by rearranging the files stored on the disk in order to occupy the contiguous storage locations during the boot process. Basically it performs this as a schedule task on all three day and the some of the specific file layout gets stored in the Windows/Prefetch/Layout.ini.

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Let’s elaborate the second goal that is to make applications open or load faster. Superfetch simply does this by pre-loading the applications that are used mostly by you in your main memory, based on not only the usage patterns but also when one access or use it. For example, if you have the same daily routine of opening the chrome – gmail, SuperFetch will pre-load these into memory in the morning and help to load fast.

Superfetch for applications basically operates similarly as the boot variant does like, it traces what files are opened by an application during the first ten seconds that the application start up. It helps to load the proper data in memory at right times.

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Superfetch & RAM

Superfetch really serves great to make you use fullest capacity of your RAM. The high you’re RAM the more you reap super fetch benefit. Superfetch helps in maintains and improves system performance overtime. Superfetch is actually a feature introduced back on the windows vista and it will constantly analyze & adapt the RAM usage pattern and apps you run most often. Superfetch is something that every operating system must have.

Enable or Disable Superfetch for Windows

Now lets see the methods to Enable or Disable Superfetch for Windows step by step .

Enable or Disable Superfetch in Services

  1. Press the Win+R keys to open Run, type services.msc into Run, and click/tap on OK to open Services.
  2. Double click/tap on the Superfetch service.

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Now to Enable Superfetch then

  • Firstly click to Change the Start-up type to Automatic.
  • Now click on the Start button and tap ok.
  • And now simply close services.

One strong reason to disable superfetch for windows is that people experience enormous disk usage due to superfetch so if you want To Disable Superfetch then

  • Click and tap on the stop button appearing on your screen.
  • Now simply click on to Change the Start-up type to Disabled and after that click on
  • And now you can simply close Services.

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How to turn on/off Superfetch in Windows 10 ?

For latest Windows turn on/off superfetch with these steps

  1. Click on Run msc to open the Services Manager.
  2. Now simply Scroll down to Superfetch service.
  3. After that double tap on super fetch service to open Properties box.
  4. Now Click on Stop so as to end the process.
  5. Now simply make the start-up type Disabled by simply clicking on Apply.
  6. You can exit the Services Manager once you click to ok.
  7. You may have to restart your Windows 10 PC to end the process

So we hope you guys found it useful either to enable windows superfetch or to disable windows superfetch technology .

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