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An abusive relationship can spoil all your happiness in life. This is a very unhealthy relationship that can involve both physical and mental torture. If you get trapped in this, it will be a little difficult to get out of it. Many people are victims of an abusive relationship and some are still trapped in it. There are various signs from which you can find if you are in a healthy relationship or not. Hoping this article helps you to have a good life.

Signs to find if you are in an Abusive Relationship

When you are in a relationship, you might blindly trust your partner. It might take some time to find out exactly how the person is or how their character is. You might feel that you are being loved by your partner sincerely. But there can be many situations later when you slowly start finding some signs of abusive relationships. Here are a few signs to find if you are in an abusive relationship.

Signs of abusive relationship differs because it can be emotionally abusive relationship in some cases , physically abusive relationship in other cases and even reportedly cases of sexually abusive relationship also occurs.

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Your partner may shout at you for no genuine reason. This can be in front of y our friends or your family which can be very embarrassing to you. At that point, you might just feel sad or you might even cry. But, later when you think deeply about it to find why he tried to humiliate you, there might not be an answer. Because the people who are abusive will never care about your feelings. It is always them everywhere and they want to show off.  Even if you try talking to them about the situation you faced, they might just say sorry or else they won’t even bother to care.

He is always right

While discussing something or when you tell your opinion, then they will always point out mistakes in what you said. Such people want us to obey them and listen to what they say. They want to always control you. They might even tell you to stop doing things that you like.

During the first days, you might listen to what they say, but slowly you will find that you are being tied up in their life, doing things that they like.

Jealousy and Selfishness

If your partner stops thinking about your feelings and happiness, then that is a sign of selfishness. Your partner would want to always be happy and might want to do things that only he likes. If this sign occurs, then gradually, he might not give you any consideration. He will always think about him, what he wants, what he needs to buy etc. He might not even ask you what you want.

Moreover, your partner will not like if you speak to some of your friends, especially to an opposite gender.  He will put restrictions and you might adjust with this during the initial days. Later on, you will surely feel depressed and you won’t know what to do and how to solve this problem.

Expectation and Isolation

Your partner will expect a lot from you and he would want you to do the things as he is expecting. In case if you do something in your own way. He might like it and will shout at you or may even hurt you physically. Isolation is another very miserable factor in every human’s life. You have your partner right next to you, still, you will feel lonely and unhappy. This happens when he tries to avoid you and does not care about you.

In a family get-together or when you are having an outing with your friends, he might completely avoid you by mingling with them and not talking to you. Even you fall sick, he might not be ready to look after you or take you to a doctor. Isolation will cause serious depression and you will surely fall sick if do not come out of the sadness.

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Being Cruel

If your partner has an abusive characteristic, he will get angry within no time and he would even hurt you physically. Such people may even hurt their pets at home.  Torturing the animals, scaring and beating them for no genuine reason are the signs. He won’t stop even you tell him many times not to hurt your pet.

You will definitely feel like throwing him out of your life seeing such abnormal activities.  Such people are very less concerned about other’s feeling or pain. They want them to be happy and they want everything in life that can lead them to a luxurious life.

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Being Unfaithful

When you lover stops caring about you and spending less time with you, there is a sign of being unfaithful. You may see that he has a lot of time for some else, then yes, surely he is cheating you. He might not break up with you since he needs you to do all his work and cook for him and wash his clothes or even for money.

Keep in mind that you are not his maid. Being submissive is not a right thing to do in your life. You have a life of your own and it is not to be a submissive. You do not have to obey each and everything he says. You have your own dignity and power.

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Threatening and Torture

When you try to break up with your lover/husband, he might threaten you by saying that he will die or he will harm you etc. Such abusive people can scare you by their anger. They might even use extremely bad words at you.

Some people enjoy hurting their partner physically and mentally. Trust me; you should not become a victim of such relations. These are some of the signs of abusive relationships that you might face. Please do not think that your life is supposed to be this way and do not get trapped in such relations.

Solutions to escape from an Abusive Relation

You do not have to go out of your own way to make your life partner happy. She/he should also understand you and should care about your feelings. Both men and women can be sufferers of an abusive relationship.  

If you think you will not be able to handle this by yourself, share your problem with your dear ones.

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It can be a member of your family, your best friend, sibling or your mother or father. Seek help from them and get out of this trap at the earliest before it is too late. So find the right solution to end abusive relationship or find how to deal abusive relationship .

A healthy relationship is always important to make your life more intense and joyful. For that, your relationship must involve trust and respect. It is your life, so, choose your partner wisely. Get to know each well and then commit to a relationship.

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