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Eyebrow threading is sometimes scary when we don’t have thick eyebrows .So adding more layer to your eyebrows naturally is sometimes too tough. But you can definitely have Naturally Thick Eyebrows in a Week if you follow these hacks.top-natural-ways-for-fast-eyebrow-growthThis will be the ultimate Tips for Thicker Eyebrows naturally because these tips have worked well for me even though I had eyebrow hair loss due to stress before several months.

Here is all you should do to get thick eyebrow quickly and naturally.

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How to Get Naturally Thick Eyebrows In A Week

These are the inexpensive/cost effective thick eyebrow growth methods that everyone can easily do with less effort to get thick and dark eyebrows easily within a week.

1. Castor Oil 

Castor oil is the most traditional and really proven ingredient to boost your eyebrow growth and also eyelash growth . Castor oil contains the essential fatty acids , vitamins and proteins that boost hair growth also its highly rick in antioxidants which helps in boosting up the process of eyebrow growth quickly. Applying Castor oil will give you thick eyebrows naturally at home .


How to use Castor oil to get Thick Eyebrows Naturally ?

  • Wash your face and clean the dirt and remove the makeup .
  • Now take a cotton buds and dip it with 2-3 drops of castor oil .
  • Using the buds gently line the eyebrow hair first .This will make your existing eyebrow hair strong and prevent eyebrow hair loss.
  • Again get the cotton buds dipped with a drop of castor oil and now apply it in a way that it touches your eyebrow skin .This will stimulate the growth o new eyebrow hair from deep . So that you can get the thick eyebrow you long for in life.

Note -You should buy Organic & cold pressed castor oil only .

How to get Thick eyebrows in a week naturally with Castor oil ?

If you want to get the result in a week , you should use castor oil for a week. To be precise , you have to apply castor oil on your eyebrows at morning and keep  it unwashed for minimum 6 hours and then wash your face and remove the oil over the eyebrow region without rubbing the brows hardly. Rubbing your eyebrows hardly will lead to falling of eyebrow hair.  And apply castor oil 2 hours before you go to bed and wash it next day morning .This will give you the desired result in a week .

Why Castor oil for Thick and Dark Eyebrows ?

Castor oil is not so expensive and it doesn’t have any side effects when used properly . Castor oil is a proven natural eyebrow growth treatment . So castor oil stimulates thick eyebrow growth and also makes your eyebrow strong.

Precaution Before using Castor Oil 

patch-test-with-castor-oil-for-allergyIt is advised to do a patch test before you use castor oil . Because some people are allergic to castor oil .So make sure your skin is okay with castor oil else it can result in skin irritation, rashes and hives.

2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is a desert shrub from which oil is made out by extracting its seeds . Its not exactly oil but a type of oil and moreover a liquid wax in reality.Jojoba oil is a key ingredient in many cosmetic and beauty products.Jojoba oil is really effective for hair growth and also for split hair ends . 

Jojoba oil will give you amazing thick eyebrow growth quickly.

naturally-thick-eyebrows-in-a-week-with-jojoba-oilHow to get Thick eyebrows in a week naturally with Jojoba oil ?

  • Take a few drops of jojoba oil in your palm and dip your finger in the oil .
  • Apply the oil to your eyebrow region with a gentle massage with your finger .
  • Apply it before you go to bed and wash it later in the morning .

In this way Jojoba oil for thick eyebrow growth is an effective treatment .

3. Hibiscus flower

You would have seen that you have a serious eyebrow hair loss and wondered that there is presence of dandruff in your eyebrow region . So if this is the case then this is the best way you should opt for getting naturally thick eyebrows in a week.


How to use Hibiscus flower to get naturally thick eyebrows in a week ?

  • Take some fresh Hibiscus flower and grind it .
  • Make a paste out of it , it should be made in a proper consistency .
  • Apply this paste on your eyebrows and wait for 15 mins.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Repeat this daily so it will give amazing results .

Note – Don’t wait till the hibiscus paste gets dried on your eyebrows. Wash it before it get dries.

4. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed also known as Linseed oil is effective to stimulate eyebrow hair growth .Flaxseed oil is rich in essential fatty acids which will accelerate naturally thick eyebrows in a week.

flaxseed-oil-to-get-naturally-thick-eyebrows-in-a-weekHow to use Flaxseed Oil to get naturally thick eyebrows in a week ?

  • Wash your face and clean all the makeup residuals in your face .
  • Take half tsp of Flaxseed oil and gently apply the oil in your eyebrow area .
  • Give a gentle massage for 5 mins . This will help in the good blood circulation which is essential for boosting up the process of new eyebrow hairs.
  • Do this before you go to bed and you can keep it overnight .
  • Wash it with lukewarm water .

You should do this twice a day for getting quick results .

5. Olive Oil & Onion Juice

Onion juice is rich in sulfur ,this helps to release collagen in body which is very necessary for the healthy eyebrow growth .While Olive oil will naturally nourish your eyebrow hair growth.

So using Olive oil and onion juice mix will give you a great result .Thus you can get naturally thick eyebrows in a week.


How to use Olive Oil & Onion Juice mix to get naturally thick eyebrows in a week  ?

  •  Take a mixer and put the freshly chopped onions and grind it well .
  • Squeeze the mixture and extract the onion juice . Instead of this you easily extract onion juice in a juicer but i will not recommend it as for next subsequent juices it will have raw onion smell .
  • Now mix olive oil into this freshly extracted onion juice .
  • Use a spoon and mix it well.
  • Now apply this mixture on your eyebrows gently.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off .
  • Repeat this process twice a day .
  • Wash out with water after 10-15 minutes.

It helps in boosting hair follicles and give rise to new eyebrow hair . This is a best method to get naturally thick eyebrows in a week.

6. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel should be called as a magic gel . As listing its benefits is never ending story.Moisturize your brows with aloe vera gel to avoid the dandruff in eyebrows and boost new hair growth . Aloenin , a compound present in aloe vera helps in boosting the hair growth.

aloe-vera-gel-to-get-naturally-thick-eyebrowsHow to use Aloe Vera Gel to get naturally thick eyebrows in a week ?

  • Take one leaf of aloe vera and scoop out the gel from it .
  • Massage your eyebrows with this gel for 10 mins and wait till the gel gets absorbed into your skin .
  • Once you feel its absorbed wash it off with plain lukewarm water.

7. Almond Oil

Almond oil is an ingredient which we can easily find in our shelf . But did you ever knew that how rich is Almond oil ? The fact is that almond oil is a highly rich in vitamins such as A,B and E . This helps almond oil to accelerate hair growth .

How to use Almond Oil to get naturally thick eyebrows in a week ?

  • Gently massage your eyebrows with almond .
  • Keep it overnight and wash it in the morning .


  • You can use the mascara wand and dip oil into it and roll the mascara wand on the eyebrow hair , this will strengthen your existing eyebrow hair and thus prevent eyebrow hair loss.

Precaution Before using  Almond Oil 

If you are allergic to almond then you should not use almond oil as well. Majority find that almond is an allergen to them. In that case we strictly ask you to avoid this else serious almond allergy can lead to so many health issues like gastrointestinal and respiratory problems and at severe case it will lead to anaphylactic shock.

8. Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil is the key ingredient for skin care .

How to use Vitamin E oil to get Thick Eyebrows Naturally ?

  • Take 2 vitamin E capsules and break it .
  • Now apply the oil in the capsule to your eyebrow .
  • Gently massage it .
  • Leave it overnight and wash it with luke warm water.vitamin-e-for-thick-eyebrows

Note- Generally when you rise up in the morning the Vitamin E oil would have got dried up and sometimes if its over  dried don’t rub harshly . This will lead to eyebrow hair damage . SO apply lukewarm water and slowly make your eyebrow hairs free and then rinse it off.

These are the most effective ways to get Naturally Thick Eyebrows In A Week . 




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