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This year’s BC Seafood shellfish festival is one step ahead to drag everyone’s attention .So here is the exclusive cover up of British Columbia Seafood and shellfish festival  and the wonderful experience at Comox valley.

The  Comox valley with its  vast ocean gazing itself towards the clear sky, happy people, clean air and crystal clear water,  and the hygiene is the beautiful place to live in.It is located at the centre of islands in  British Columbia in Canada where the famous British Columbia Seafood and shellfish festival  was celebrated here recently like every year. This place is famous for its islands and Oyster farming. Oyster is a seafood which is being exported throughout the world from Comox Valley.

The prominent chefs of British Columbia articulated in this festival with their famous seafood delicacies. Like every year this year also the famous chefs of British Columbia having expertise in preparing seafood participated in this festival. The festival which was celebrated for the whole one week provided awareness of oyester, fish and prawn farming to the visitors. In addition the visitors had a glance at the organic farming and encouraged people towards environment.

The chefs from different countries participated in this event. The one week long festival is known not only for its seafood but also for the beauty of the valley.It is not only a means of fun and joy but also a hub of opportunities for farmers, tourists and businessmen and also make people aware about the conservation of environment.

Comox Valley is also famous for its wineyards. The popular overseas brands of wine people relish in other countries are mostly processed and prepared in Comox Valley. The 40 Knots Estate Winery is one of the famous winery run by Brenda Hateman Creg and Lane Robert. In addition Vevard Distillation House is famous for preparing wine and vodka from honey.

The seven day long festival was a real  celebration for the visitors with its specialties.

BC Seafood shellfish festival

That was a breathtaking event to be witnessed with all around thousands of people from various parts of the globe taken part in this BC Seafood shellfish festival . Renowned chefs and sponsors and media from all around the globe for this festival gathered not for just fun .

This BC Seafood shellfish festival is one among the greatest event in North America as its the top ranked coastal celebration witnessed every year. This is usually held every year at the month of June . The festival featured an array of top chefs serving the freshness and deliciousness of mussels , clams, fishes , Oysters , Prawns , Scallops and all kind of seafood and shellfishes .

Famous Chefs – BC Seafood shellfish festival

Many famous chefs in world has taken part in the seafood festival portraying the art and taste of world cuisine seafood and shellfish varieties.

The 10 day festival was enlightened with the presence experts hands from World Restaurants that was really breath taking .

BC Seafood shellfish festival was not all about just the food expo it has many things that explored the beauty of the Comox Valley .

WildLife Tour 

Watching the giant whales and dolphins a wonderful wildlife tour in comox valley experience that was for everyone on the BC Seafood shellfish festival.

Deep Waters Oyster Farming Tour with the Chefs

This farm is situated at Denman Island. It is being run by Hollywood brothers. It is one of the largest producer of Oyster

Fresh Farm Seafood Fest

Top Chefs showcasing the world rated cuisines made from fresh fish from the comox valley . This was really the signature event of the food festival with all varieties of seafood.

Visit to World famous oyster plant on Fanny Bay 

This farm basically harvest Oysters under optimum temperature and humidity. It has facility of packing and exporting Oysters to the national and international market

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BC Sea food Expo 

Two days program of BC Sea food Expo where guests could talk to the different service providers from seafood industry. There were fishing companies, Oyster producing companies, Seafood harvesting machinery providing companies to interact with journalists, consumers and potential buyers.

 Tour of Manatee’s Royston Hatchery

One day tour of this place amazed us with the variety of sea creatures being hatched in such a huge setup. They make different types of algies. they have a huge system for fish and shell hatchery.

Wines & Gin

Wayward Distillation House is True Craft distillery located in the heart of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Balancing the essence of the tradition with the sense of creativity, Wayward is regarded as the first distillery existing in Canada that uses natural honey as the base of the spirits made in Comox valley.Our signature Unruly Vodka and Unruly Gin are beautiful, hand-crafted examples of what can happen when unruly people meet unruly bees. Couple this with our seasonally changing, ultra-small batch experimental Wayward Order Line and you will truly understand our need to break moulds and blaze trails.

Farm Associations

Unlike India where farmers die because they can’t sell off their products at good rate. In comox valley the farmer’s association makes sure that the farmers get good price for the hard work they do growing food in their garden. They have music, playground, kids playing around, many selling points with different stalls. People are free to directly buy those products from the farmers.

Now let’s wait for the next year’s BC Seafood shellfish festival expecting a more new experience .

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